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Refurbished & certified

This is a second-hand General Electric product subjected to their very strict refurbishment procedure.

Our partnership with General Electric:

Our entire refurbishment process is carried out within the framework of our partnership with General Electric.
Our products are refurbished and upgraded by qualified engineers, in the premises of GE.

From a second hand ultrasound system to reconditioned-certified quality in 4 steps:

It is because they meet the GE quality criteria that all our refurbished products are tested and certified by General Electric Ultrasound.

When the refurbishment process is completed and validated, the systems receive the certification label.
This label confirms compliance with the most stringent criteria of international standards and Six Sigma’s safety regulations.

Discover all the essential information about our refurbishment process and its continuity:

Step 1 Selection

The equipments that fit for refurbishment are selected according to strict criteria:

  • The seniority and the technical level of the system
  • The condition and the history of maintenance and performance
  • The upgrading of software & hardware

Step 2 Refurbishment

The refurbishment of medical devices includes:

  • Cleaning, disinfection and painting
  • The replacement of worn parts with new original parts
  • The verification of all components and subsystems
  • The upgrading of softwares to their latest version
  • Adapting the system to the specific needs of the practitioner
  • The comprehensive analysis of the system by the original testing procedures
  • The issuance of a refurbishment certificate, certified by GENERAL ELECTRIC

Step 3 Customer delivery

We take care of:

  • The transportation directly to the customer’s delivery site
  • The installation and startup by dedicated an qualified technicians
  • The verification of system performances
  • The Customer training over the operation of its system
  • The issuance of the original user’s documents and our quality certificate delivered by GENERAL ELECTRIC

Step 4 Warranty & Services

  • Warranty equivalent to that of a new equipment, suitable to customers demand
  • Financing contracts and flexible solutions
  • Qualified international partners
  • Spare parts available for 10 years